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Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I am a black mare with a large star, partial strip, snip, right rear sock, left front pastern, ermine spots on torso. I was born in 2019 out of Bluebell and sire Medicine Bow. You will usually find me in Main Canyon.

Below is a picture of me taken on April 4, 2019, by Marty Felix, one of the founding members of the Friends of the Mustangs. When Marty provided this photo in 2022 she said, "Three years ago in April, Laurie Briden and I went up Coal Canyon to dart, and WE were the first ones to see Pixie, the first of anyone in the club anyway.,"

I was probably only about a week or so old in this photo.

In the spring of 2022, I gave birth to a black colt, Woodstock. He is a handful and I love him. Here's a picture of us just a short time after his birth.

Here's Woodstock, a few months old, working hard to get my full attention.

Marty Felix also shares the photo below, which she took on a spring 2022 outing to the range. As you can see, I am enjoying a dust bath.

Marty also reports: "[Pixie's] mom Bluebell disappeared in January of 2020, so Pixie and Woodstock are the end of the "Big Red/Jaggs" line. "

Here I am in September 2023.

November 2023

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