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Single membership is $10 a year and family membership is only $15 a year. Membership dues are for a calendar year. You will receive a monthly newsletter with stories and information about the horses, range, and activities. We have workdays to improve/repair conditions on the range to help the horses.

Our meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

We have an annual picnic, BBQ on the range, and Christmas party. We have monthly meetings that often include detailed information on horses such as colors, markings, naming foals, caring for horses, and interesting details of the different areas of the range.


Click here to download a membership form to mail in or deliver in person during a meeting. 

Click here to apply for (or renew) membership online and pay membership dues via Paypal.


Membership Information & Form



FOM Bylaws 

Click HERE to view Bylaws



Grants - Click HERE to view the policy.

Election Procedures - Click HERE to view the policy.


FOM Workday_Spring Creek Sept 18_2021_M7_6907-Edit.jpg
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