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Visit the Range

   Click here for detailed directions to the 

   range and helpful tips.

   Click here for more information

   from the Bureau of Land Management.


   Although you can enjoy the range

   year round, keep the following points

   in mind:

  • The range can be impassable when there is mud or snow.

  • Trails in the Wild Horse Range are designed for foot and horse travel only. Motorized vehicles and mountain bikes are only allowed on Coal Canyon Road, Monument Rock Road, Round Mountain Road, and North Soda Road.

  • Gates into Coal Canyon are closed to motorized vehicles from Dec. 1 through May 31 to protect wintering wildlife and foaling areas.

  • In some areas of the range, there is no cell phone service.

  • Pets increase stress on both horses and wildlife, so please keep your pet under voice/leash control at all times.


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