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Foals of 2024

Updated: 4 days ago

If you see foals in the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range this year, feel free to post photos of them in the comments section below, along with information about when you saw them. We'd love to see them!

Tahoe's colt is possibly the first foal born on the range this year. Sire: Brownie

Here is Pixie's foal, a colt, born in late March. Sire: Pistol

Harmony had a dun/grulla (probably grey) colt, Clay, in April. Sire: Poco

Ute's and Whirl's filly, Button, was born in April.

Ute and Button (May 2024)

Ute and Button (May 2024)

Chantilly had a sorrel colt, Yucatan, in mid-April. Sire: Rojito

Oasis foaled in April. Her sorrel colt, Canyon, has a blaze and 2rstk and lfstk. Sire: Gaucho

Desert Wind's foal, Sirocco, was born in late April and is a sorrel colt with a blaze, 2 rear socks, left front sock, and right front stocking.

Oakley foaled in late April. Gender isn't known yet. Foal: Huron; Sire: Freedom

In April, Carmella had a palomino foal, Saffron, with blue eyes, blaze, 2 rear socks and right front sock. Sire: Waco

Rocket had a black filly, Charo, with a right rear pastern in early May. Sire: Ruger

Pepper had a black colt, Habanero, with a blaze in early May. Sire: Tundra

Pepper, Habanero, and Tuff (May 2024)

Spice had a solid chestnut colt, Wasabi, in early May. Sire: Crockett

Sahara had a chestnut colt, Gobi, with a star, strip, snip, 2 rear socks, and a left front sock in early May. Sire: Crockett

Shamrock also foaled in early May. (Photo credit: Cat Stone) Foal: Leprechaun Sire: Mesa

Shamrock and Leprechaun. (May 2024. Photo credit: Cat Stone)

Haven foaled in May 2024. The foal has been named Relic.

Redbud foaled in late April or early May. Her palomino colt has blue eyes and a blaze. The colt has been named Taboo.

Alibi foaled in May. Her bay filly has a star, strip, snip. The filly has been named Quil.

Clover's palomino filly was born in May. The filly has been named Sterling.

Firestorm's chestnut colt has a crescent moon shaped star and was born in May, His name is Ra.

Justice's chestnut filly was born in May. She has 2 rear socks, a strip, and a snip. Her name is Veritas.

Koda's sorrel pinto colt was born in May 2024 and has been named Hiawatha.

Phoenix's solid chestnut filly was also born in May 2024. Her name is Sparkler.

Lambruska's colt was born in May 2024. (Photo credit: Billie Hutchings) His name is Sultan.

Sapphire's black colt was born in May and has a blaze, right rear sock and left front sock. His name is TNT.

Gambler's palomino foal was born in May and has a star, strip, snip, left front sock, left rear sock and a right rear pastern. The foal has been named Nugget.

Casino's black colt was born in May and has a star and right rear sock. His name is Peanut.

Sakari's red dun colt was born in May. His name is Tesoro.

Wildstar's chestnut filly was born in May. She has a right rear sock, star, strip, and snip. Her name is Tecate.

Inola foaled in May. Her buckskin colt has a star and has been named Dundee.

Sioux's paint filly, Sopris, was born in late June 2024.

Neowise's bay colt, Neoko, was born in late June 2024.

Sumac's bay foal, Tomah, has a star and was born in late June 2024.

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