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Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I am Woodstock, a black colt; my dam is Pixie and the most likely sire is either Mesa or Snoopy Jr. I am the first foal born on the Little Book Cliffs range in 2022. I was born on March 25, 2022. My exact birthdate is known because some members of Friends of the Mustangs and other hikers near the Cameo parking lot saw me being born at about 1 p.m.! I am not very old at all in the picture above; as you can see, Pixie is giving me all her attention and we are both enjoying a restful moment.

Soon after my birth, Snoopy Jr. and Yuma helped stand guard over me and Pixie. You can see us all in this photo.

A number of people have seen me at various times near Coal Canyon and in Main Canyon and have watched me playing with others in my band. I am full of energy. Fortunately I have a young playmate since another foal was born in my band this year: Malibu. Click on her photo (or enter her name in the search field) to learn more about her.

The photos below were taken of me and Pixie on July 23, 2022. Look at how much I have grown and how my coat has darkened!

It's December, 2022, and I am ready for winter!

I am still quite spunky. Here I am pulling Pistol's tail on a nice mid-April 2023 day.

Here I am in September 2023.

November 2023

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