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By Renee Edel

Rockslide is a 1 ½ year old sorrel colt, with a blaze and 4 socks. He is a strong colt, compact and even a little stocky. His father was a big stallion, so he should have some height to him once he matures.

Rockslide has spent most of his life in the remote part of the horse range called Monument Rock, so he has not seen many humans. Most youngsters make adjustments to humans easily though, so I think he will take to his new life nicely. Jim Dollerschell, a BLM Horse Specialist, calls Rockslide a ‘John Wayne horse’, because John Wayne almost always rode sorrels with a blaze and socks in his western movies. Rockslide would be a great mustang to adopt if you want to start with a 16 month old colt. Please consider adopting this attractive colt.

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