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When I first saw this little filly she was like a littleblack streak running back and forth along the fence line in Lower Main Canyon. I was so surprised because the last time I saw Lady, her dam, she did not look in foal. When it was time for Lady to foal I was told by the ditch rider who checks on the canal daily that this mare (Lady) and the band always comes to Lower Main to have her foals. I guess it is because it is quiet down there with very few people walking that far.

Lady must have lain down close to the fence to have this baby and the filly was born on the other side of fence. I believed if I hadn’t been asked to ride to that area by other FOM members to look for another mustang this filly would not have made it. I worked for several hours to put this filly back on the range. The ditch rider finally came to my aid; we opened the gate and the filly ran through the gate. FOM members later named the filly Miracle. Lady and her little Miracle trotted off down the trail to a happy ending. I will always have a special place in my heart for this mare. Lady’s little Miracle.

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