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Story by Billie Hutchings and photos by FOM members

Eclipse is a 2014 blackish brown mare that was born in the Main Canyon area and migrated to the Round Mountain area of the Little Book Cliffs horse range. Her dam is Miracle, a black mare and either Inca, a black stallion or Gideon, a blue roan stallion is her sire. Personally, I have always thought that Inca was the sire. As a foal, she was very curious, as foals usually are and as she got older and moved to the upper ranges, she got a little bit more shy. She is really a sweet mare. When I would watch the band she is in, she was very tolerant of me.

A few months old

3 years old

Dam - Miracle

Possible sire -Gideon

Possible sire –Inca

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