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By Renee Edel

Cuervo was born in the spring of 2018. He was born sorrel in color with 3 socks and a blaze, but he is quickly changing to grey like his father Rojito. I have only seen him twice in person, but I have seen him multiple times on game cameras where he always seems to be happily trotting by. He is growing fast and he will probably be a good sized and powerful mustang, if he is anything like his father. When I saw him a month ago he was curious, but also very relaxed. His family band often see people on the wild horse range, so he has an easy going disposition.

Cuervo and his sister Agave (a 1-year-old filly) are both up for adoption. Cuervo would be a great mustang to adopt if you want to start with a 6-month-old colt.

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