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Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I remember the first time I saw Cirrus. I drove to Benchcamp and was seeing mustangs as they ran over the ridge; it was Cimarron’s band, a very elusive group of mustangs. I was hoping to get close to this group. I parked my car and got my camera, slowing walking towards the mustangs. I saw them.

To my surprise there was a foal approaching with caution, a mare was stretched out sleeping in the sunshine. The rest of the band was on guard watching as I snapped pictures of this tiny baby. The foal was so photogenic, without a care in the world and was letting me take so many pictures. The band hung out and kept a close eye on me. They soon got bored with me and left. FOM members named this foal Cirrus.

Cirrus took up with a stallion named Drummer and the two of them produced a colt named Blazer. Cirrus and Blazer left Drummer after he got hurt and took up with a black stallion named Ajax. They liked to hang out behind Round Mountain where people would not bother them. Cirrus was gathered October 15, 2018, and wants to find a forever home with nice people.

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