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By Renee Edel

Brio was born in the summer of 2018, he is a beautiful bay colt with a small star. I saw him only once before he was removed from the Little Book Cliff Wild Horse Range, but he was extremely mellow. I also noticed he was a big colt for his age. His mother, Toni, is also up for adoption.

We don’t know for sure who his father is, since his mother and grandmother changed bands and stallions often during the summer of 2017. One of the stallions that could be the father is a blue roan, so it is even possible that he could ‘roan-out’ in the spring time. Brio should adapt quickly to his new life, since most of the youngsters make adjustments to humans easily. Brio would be a great mustang to adopt if you want to start with a 6 month old colt.

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