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by Renee Edel

Bridger is a 4 year old bay gelding with a star and 2 rear socks. He has been a bachelor for a couple years, hanging out with various older bachelor stallions, and sometimes with band stallions and their mares. He has always seemed submissive to me, never causing any trouble with the other band members. He strikes me as a follower, and this should allow him to bond with a human nicely. He has seen people many times, so he is calm and mellow when around people.

What I think is most stunning about Bridger is his beautiful, long tail. Bridger and his 2 brothers, Teton and Medicine Bow (still on the horse range), have the absolutely most beautiful tails on the wild horse range. Please consider adopting this beautiful and sweet gelding, he would make a great saddle horse for a calm and loving human.

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