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By Renee Edel

Toni is a 3 year old bay mare. I have seen her many times on the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range, because she lived in the lower canyons which can easily be accessed from the Cameo Trailhead. She has a beautiful, shiny coat and a sweet face. She has always seemed calm and curious to me, even though her mother, Siesta (still on the horse range), prefers to keep her distance from people.

Toni had a colt in the summer of 2018, named Brio. Brio was also removed from the horse range and will be available for adoption. Last fall Toni allowed me to get close to her and young Brio, so I could photograph them. She displayed that calm demeanor that you see in so many of the mustangs that see humans regularly. She is not a large mare, so her size may be perfect for a female or younger rider. If you are looking for a beautiful bay mare, Toni would be a great horse to adopt.

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