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Zuni’s Story by Renee Edel

I went for a hike in the North Soda area of the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range on a beautiful sunny day. I saw Legacy’s band in an open area, with some spectacular views behind them. It was a wonderful area to photograph them, and I was hopeful that they would relax around me so I could get some good photos.

Everyone quickly resumed grazing, except an old watchful mare named Wild Eyes. Soon I noticed this beautiful grey filly Zuni and her “band sister” Bolt begin walking toward me. Zuni had definitely decided to say hello and Bolt didn’t want to be left out. The two fillies seemed to be daring each other to come closer, and soon they were 15 feet away and staring right at me. They posed for photos for 10 minutes, and then finally left when the band moved off to water. I love the rare moments a wild horse decides to interact with you it is something very special.

Zuni will make a wonderful horse for the some lucky person because she is already sweet on people and I thing she will bond with a kind human very quickly. She is curious, which an old horse trainer once told me is a great trait for a horse to have. Please consider adopting this sweet, smart filly.

Continued Story by Dora Bensch

Zuni was taken off the range with her mother Hopi 9/5/2018 when she was about 1 1/2 years old. Her Sire, Rojito is still on the range. Her adoption date was 11/3/18. Jerry Searcy who saw that no one was bidding on her thought he would get it started by placing the first bid. He was the only bidder and ended up adopting her.

My husband and I had been to the November adoption and thought she was the cutest little thing, but at that time we were not prepared to take on a mustang. The March adoption was fast approaching and we were seriously considering getting a mustang, but we needed to find a place to board and a tip trainer. We met Jerry one day at the Cameo exit and he mentioned that he boarded and also tip trained. He invited up back to his place to show us what he had. I rounded the corner of his barn and recognized the little grey filly Zuni. I was beyond excited. Jerry was gracious enough to let me take over Zuni and work with her. On 3/20/19 she was signed over to me. I drove 30 minutes pretty much everyday for a year and a half working with her. Jerry helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful for the friendship that started all because of a mustang.

We started to look for a place where we could have her all the time and ended up moving to place with 6.5 acres. We brought her home to our new digs in early July of 2020. Now I can look out the house and see her daily, which is such a joy. Renee was right she is a great horse.

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Dora L. Bensch
Dora L. Bensch
Jul 08, 2022

Zuni is very special and everyone I meet knows about her.


Hello Dora and Zuni😮

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