Updated: Aug 13

I made my entrance into the world in the spring of 2022. I am a sorrel/chestnut colt. My dam is Oasis and my sire is Gaucho.

Here is one of the first photos of me.

Here is a photo of Oasis watching as I scampered off a bit.

After being seen a few times, no one saw me for about a month, even though they saw other members of my band. There was no small amount of consternation about my “disappearance” after range cameras captured a large mountain lion and a few weeks later, a bear, at one of the springs my band and I had been visiting.

Finally, on June 14, a range camera snapped a picture of me, so everyone can now be joyful, knowing I am alive and safe. I am not easy to find, but if you visit the range, you might be able to catch a glimpse of me.

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