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Foals of 2023

Updated: 13 hours ago

If you see foals in the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range this year, feel free to post photos of them in the comments section below, along with information about when you saw them. We'd love to see them!

The first new foal of 2023 is Nacona, a filly, with 2 rear socks. She may have front socks, but front the limited view of her, it is difficult to tell for sure at this time. Here are photos of her with her dam, Tempest. Briscoe is the sire. Many thanks to Renee Edel for these photos.

Lambruska's filly (Amaya) is the second new foal we've seen in 2023. She was probably born in late March or early April. She was photographed in late April.

Sunny foaled in late April, 2023. Here is a photo of Sunny with her colt (Sackett), followed by a photo of the colt.

Redbud also foaled in April 2023. Her sorrel colt (Ransom) has a blaze.

Sapphire foaled in April 2023 also. Here's a photo of her colt (Legend).

Carmella also foaled in late April or early May 2023. Here's a photo of Carmella, Carmella's filly (Zander), and Toffee. Zander has a 1/2 circle star and a race or thin strip and a left rear sock.

Oasis also foaled in May 2023. The first photo we have of this foal (Sprinkle) is from a trail cam.

Washoe also foaled in May 2023. Here are photos of Washoe and her filly, Aruba, and a solo shot of Aruba.

Clover's filly, Stargazer, was born in May 2023.

Sky also gave birth to a cute filly, Arya, in May 2023.

Pepper's colt, Tuff, was born in May 2023. He has a right rear pastern.

Mint's colt, Sombra, was born in May 2023. He has a star, strip, snip and left rear sock.

Phoenix's filly, Abilene, was born in May 2023 and has a star, strip, snip, left rear sock, right rear pastern and right front pastern.

Sahara's foa, Moksa,l was born in May 2023 and is a chestnut filly with a race or thin strip.

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