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Comet is a 9 year old seal brown mare born in May of 2009. Her dam is Rocket and her sire was Diamond Rio.

Comet is, and always has been a very curious, friendly mare. Many times over the years she has tried to walk right up to me. One day I decided to see just how close she would actually come. She came close enough to touch my camera with her nose, before she scared herself and ran back to her band. Just a few months ago, she tried to walk up to me as well. So curious, so friendly. She is very playful and tolerant as well. A couple years ago, the foal that was in the band she was in was in a playful mood and he kept pulling her tail. She just let him and then they started nipping at each other and playing.

Comet’s Dam, Rocket

Comet’s sire, Diamond Rio

Comet in 2009

Comet in 2018

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