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By Beckie Diehl

Cinnamon was born May 2014. He is Brownie's colt, and his mother is Squint. Lakota and Squint hung out together and formed a band. Squint was very old and in poor health disappearing when Cinnamon was about 3 months old. Lakota, a stallion, adopted him and raised him. Cinnamon was very small and everyone wondered if he would ever grow. Lakota gave Cinnamon to Traveler's band where he was with a playmate, Tacoma, a filly. They played together and that helped Cinnamon to muscle up and grow. He also had help from Misty and Raven, and possibly Misty gave him some of her milk to help him along. Cinnamon will come and stand and watch you and is very curious. He will make a fine mustang for someone.

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